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Make your own eco-friendly supplies !! ( note the cleaners buy their products they are not home made) fun, safe suggestions!!:



Cleaning Tip: When cleaning small areas, such as the bathroom it’s best to clean it with your hands. That way you can see everything such as fine hair and specks of dirt.

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Terms of Service: 

These are terms all parties(Maids of the City) and customer(s)/client(s) accept upon the making and or accepting services. A party 18 or older must be at the cleaning on behalf of the client unless other arrangements are made before hand and agreed by both parties. All cash must be paid to the cleaner on arrival. If no physical receipt is provided we can email you a receipt. All appointments are subject to a $25 first time appointment fee($25 is waived if using a voucher). Vouchers are subject to a $5 tax and $10 tip. Vouchers can not be refunded by us but directly through the voucher company direct only. Our terms and conditions do not over write the voucher companies terms and conditions vouchers. All cleanings are subject to a mandatory $10 tip due on arrival with tax if any tax is owed. It must be paid in a form of cash. We only take cash and voucher payments no credit cards or personal checks. Business checks are only accepted with prior contract is drawn between Maids of the City and the business or organization it is servicing. If paying with a voucher you will owe a $5 tax. All cleaning is subject to a 30 minute grace period. The cleaners are directed to arrive no later then 15 minutes before their appointment. We consider anything less then being there 15 minutes prior late. For our lateness guarantee policy located on our specials page we apply a 30 minute grace period. For our satisfaction guarantee special which states if the customer “If the customer is unhappy we will buy them a cleaning from another service”. The claim must be made by the customer with in 5 days of receiving service and the amount of other cleaning service including tax can not exceed what the customer paid for their cleaning with Maids of the City. We ask the following: Please do not offer the cleaner any juice other then sealed bottles of water, please do not offer cleaners food or gifts. No phone number exchanges or offer for services outside of Maids of the City. Cleaning or non-cleaning related. Please contact us with in 5 days if any issues with service provided. All cleaners are independent contractors and have their own liability insurance or are currently in the process of applying for liability insurance. We can not provide a liability insurance for you or  your building. Pets must be monitored during the cleaning. Children must be monitored at all times during the cleaner. Please advise us if you or anyone in the household has any allergens. No cleaning anything too sensitive to damage, no antiques, collectible, specialty furniture. Maids of the City does guarantee satisfaction or service and overall experience. We only hire cleaners with a minimum experience of 5 ot more years at a agency or working with a family. We are very picky with who we work with and believe the person much naturally understand the cleaning process. We ask that if canceling you give 24 hour notice. Maids of the City business certificate name is under Maids of NYC. Cleaners are also asked to have ID on them at all times. We retain ID, references and information on all past and present cleaners. Calls to Maids of the City will be recorded. Emails will be answered same day and are checked even after working hours. Thank you for trying Maids of the City. Last updated 12/23/2017 8:06am.


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