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What are the rates?

All cleaning come with a optional FREE Feng Shui cleaning and organizing upgrade. Trained cleaner will also clean and organize according to Feng Shui principals to attract money, happiness and abundance. Cleaners required to study set out Feng Shui practices and demonstrate their understanding before cleaning. Minimum 1.5 hour cleaning for FREE upgrade.

Same Day we can have a cleaner there in 90 mins from now!

Same Day Rates are: $29 per hour for basic cleaning

$39 per hour for deep or customized cleaning

(Up to means that time frame or less will cost that amount).

Same Day cleanings are always Customized. Want a basic cleaning same day it’s still the same rate.

Tip is never asked for is at your discretion. Cleaner will use your supplies for same day appointments. Cash will be collected on cleaners arrival.

Next Day/ Pre-planned (Basic and deep cleaning options available for more then 3 hours only all other cleaning are customized) We do residential & commercial. Cleaning prices include your supplies.

In advanced rates:

$25 per hour for Basic Cleaning with One Maid.

$35 per hour for Deep or Customized Cleaning with One Maid.

All prices include taxes and fees. Tip is at your discretion.

Supplies brought (cleaning solution, sponges, paper towels, (no broom, mop or vacuum) – $20

A broom or a mop or both a broom and a mop same price – $20

Eco friendly supplies, sponges and paper towels (no broom, mop or vacuum) – $20

We only accept cash or voucher payment.

Cash for all appointments to be paid on arrival to cleaner.

How many cleaner arrive?

One. Many times two cleaners will go at no additional charge. New cleaners are sent to cleaning jobs to train. One screened cleaner past training will arrive.

What cleaning supplies do they bring?

$20 Conventional Supplies Upgrade: Bleach, windex, vinegar, all purpose, furniture cleaner/wood cleaner, sponges, paper towels.(Supplies may vary) You do not keep the supplies.

$20 Eco Friendly Upgrade: Eco bathroom cleaner, Eco all purpose, Vinegar, Eco disinfecting wipes, Eco Glass Cleaner, Eco sponges, Eco paper towels.

Do we have to be home?

You do not. There is a order form we would like you to be there to fill out you can do it virtually as  well. Please leave instructions when booking of how the cleaner will get in etc. Thank you.

Any other surprise/hidden fees?

See the rates above. Cash jobs include all fees even tip. Voucher subject to a $5 tax and tip is at your discretion.

How much can  be cleaned in 2 hours? It depends on how dirty, but the general rule is it’s 2 rooms can be cleaned in a hour. An example (a kitchen and a bathroom).

What won‘t the cleaner clean? With the customized cleaning the answer is nothing.

There is nothing the cleaner isn’t willing to clean.

Are the cleaners screened? Yes we get there ID, references, personal info, we also keep a tight look on reviews. All cleaner must have a long history with housekeeping. We also tell the cleaners to bring ID.

How will I know it‘s the cleaner? The cleaner(s) should introduce themselves. The name(s) should match the name(s) on the email with the cleaning profile which will be emailed 24 hours prior. The cleaner should be in dress code: white shirt black pants or company logo top and pants.

QuestionsPlease contact us!

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