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Posted 2/12/2018 By Maids of the City Staff

We love how detail oriented @t.beaston is in this youtube post. We believe every detail counts and details take time. Tricks to keeping a good home involve cleaning daily. You don’t have to clean for a hour a day as the average person working in the city one or more jobs does not have the time to do that. We suggest cleaning 15 minutes per day: Quickly tidying up (1a. fold any cloths on your bed 1b. collect and put away loose papers and  items) 2. make your bed 3.sweep your whole apartment. Do this 6 days a week(should only take 15 minutes). One day a week do a deeper cleaning example Saturdays..do a deep internal and external cleaning, in all the cabinets, oven, etc. as well as the surfaces of everything. Also try eco-friendly cleaning as all thing you come in contact with effect you on some level! How to I get motivated? It takes 21 days to build a habit or at least that’s what they say. Many people have daily regimes they do daily no matter what. They may devote a hour to self care daily. For instance 15 minutes of working out or jogging, 15 minutes to journal write, 15 to clean up and 15 minutes to read a self help book. That’s just a example of a 1 hour daily health habits. A clean home is not everything but one part of a whole puzzle of self care. Viruses, germs and disease can be reduced by good habits. For instance many people clean but don’t clean everything. They never clean their door knobs, their light switches or things that carry the most germs and bacteria. If your going to clean anything…clean everything! That way you know it’s safe!! This video was posted because motivation is a key part of being consistent..stay motivated to stay consistent!!!

Posted on 2/25/2018 by Maids of the City Staff

feng shui.jpg

Image Copy Right of FengShuiPundit.com

What is Feng Shui when applied to cleaning and organizing and how does it work?

Feng Shui can is based on energy and balance and that you are symbolically telling the universe something based on the condition of your items, what you keep in your home and where. It is the belief that everything is made of a energy vibration. Your home drastically effects your energy frequencies. Creating a peaceful and harmonic home is essential. The principal is that you want to only have a flow in your home representing what you want in your life very much like what you think, say and do effect you. Feng Shui is how you choose the live effects you. What you keep what you don’t keep. Here’s a few more feng shui tips. 1.Never have sharp objects pointing towards your direction where you sleep or sit such as a knife or a scissor or pencil keep it in a cup or container. 2. Open the windows at least once a day,. Do not leave it open or closed all day. 3. Take off your shoes when entering your apartment. 4.Do not sleep too close or next to anything electronic try to remove it form your room if you can: TV, cell phone, laptop.

Maids of the City now offers FREE Feng Shui cleaning and organizing upgrade with any cleaning! The leaner will ask permission of course before re-organizing while cleaning according to the Feng Shui principals.


Posted on 3/23/2018 by Maids of the City staff

7 DAY CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!

7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge - Holistic Health and ...

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What is the 7 Day Challenge?

We challenge you  to spend 40 minutes of less adding 7 healthy activities to your morning daily… if they are the additives for you to make them permanent part of your lifestyle. Health is a personality so let’s get more healthy!

Bellow are 7 suggestive habits you can add… you can customize them and we will add some alternatives below!

Habit # 1 As soon as you wake up say 10 things your thankful for. What are you happy you have. No more complaining. Time frame: 30 seconds or less.

Habit # 2: Give your self a neck, arm, leg and stomach massage. Save money by giving your self a mini massage to help circulation start with the toes don’t forget to massage your hand, neck etc. Prevents poor circulation and blockage. Time frame : 5 minutes.

Habit # 3 Journal writing: A lot of times we just want to say everything on our mind to everyone. Journal writing is a good way to let our your negative and positive emotions on paper instead of people. Let out all emotions. Time frame: 5 minutes.

Habit # 4 Work out in mini segments: To not get bored do 3-4 work outs 5 minutes each here are suggested ones you can find work outs on youtube: Tai chi, Qui Gong, Yoga, Ballet workout, Belly dance work out, Kickboxing work out, Jogging in your home, Lifting weights. Pick 4 to do for 5 minutes. Time frame 15-20 minutes.

Habit #5 : Detoxifying supplements daily: Take herbs and or detoxifying supplements daily. Only the best quality, prepare your body to face anything. Dont have supplements juice fresh juice in the juicer daily. Time frame: 3 minutes.

Habit #6: Clean for 5 minutes. Make your bed, clean your living space…declutter 5 minutes per day. Time frame: 5 minutes.

Habit #7: Customized choose a habit or replace habits above with these: Read a self in which your learning new things, self acupuncture (if you have study on it), knitting/painting/creative activity, give something away for free donate clothing, vision board, visualization, you choose a customized healthy habit.

All appointments that use code 7DayToday 100% of the funds raised will go to givedirectly.com customers will receive 20% full price and we will cover tip and tax.


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